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Mississippi Voter Registration Leaders Draw Maximum Sentences

Mar. 29, 1963 - Two leaders and six staff members of a Negro voter registration drive in Greenwood, Miss., drew maximum sentences today for disorderly conduct — 4 months imprisonment and $200 fines. The Justice Department was expected to go before a Federal court shortly in an attempt to free the men and halt harassment of those taking part in the campaign. In a news conference, Greenwood Mayor Charles E. Sampson (pictured) attacked the Justice Department for assisting prospective Negro registrants and asserted that President Kennedy “sympathizes” with Communists. The Mayor, a member of the racist Citizens’ Council, also criticized Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. He contended the only purpose of the voter registration workers in Greenwood “is to follow the Communist line of fomenting racial violence, and the obvious purpose of the Attorney General is to get votes.”


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