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Minoso Approaching "Danger Period" after Skull Fracture

May 14, 1962 - Minnie Minoso, the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder who suffered a skull fracture and a broken right wrist Friday, was put on the Cards’ disabled list today. The 39-year-old Minoso was said to be approaching the “danger period” at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Dr. I.C. Middleman, the Cards’ physician, said doctors were watching for the possibility of a blood clot. Dr. Middleman said the Cuban would pass that danger period after tomorrow. Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick ordered the injured Minoso out of action for at least 30 days. Frick’s ruling will enable the Cardinals to add a substitute for Minoso. Minoso was injured when he tried to pull down a drive by Duke Snider of the Dodgers and banged headfirst into the concrete base of the fence.


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