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Milwaukee Manager Bragan Fining Pitchers for Balks

May 5, 1963 - Balks have cost the Braves home runs and considerable embarrassment in their last two losses, and any more will cost the Milwaukee hurlers some money. Milwaukee right-hander Bob Shaw set a record when he was called for 5 balks in the Braves’ 7-5 loss to the Chicago Cubs Saturday, and Braves manager Bobby Bragan (right) immediately set down the rules for his pitching corps. “From now on,” he declared, “there is an automatic fine on this club for a balk. It will cost $100 for failing to learn to pitch according to the rules.” This did not mean that Bragan agreed with the strict enforcement of the umpires on the balk rule, a point of argument in the National League since the season began. “The whole thing may be ridiculous,” Bragan said. “But if that’s the way the umpires are going to enforce the rule, we have to learn to live with it — and by it. That means Shaw and all our pitchers.” Shaw got himself ejected from Saturday’s game for arguing about the balk calls, and this did not sit well with Bragan. “Shaw has pitched without always coming to a full stop all his life,” Bragan continued, “and it won’t be easy for him to change. But he’s going to have to, or it will cost him — and our other pitchers."


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