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Milwaukee Braves Are Sold

Nov. 16, 1962 - Lou Perini (pictured second from left in Boston in 1948) sold 90% of the Milwaukee Braves today to a local syndicate of “vital, imaginative young men who will add much to baseball’s leadership.” Perini, who heads a Boston construction company, said the selling price was “approximately $5.5 million.” He said the National League club would remain in Milwaukee. The Braves were in financial straits when Perini moved them to Milwaukee from Boston in 1953. In the past decade, they have finished in the first division of the National League every year. They won one World Series, two pennants, and tied for a third pennant, and they broke league attendance records. The new syndicate is headed by two former directors of the Chicago White Sox, William C. Bartholomay and Thomas A. Reynolds. It will include, they said, “other civic-minded fans from Wisconsin whose names will be announced soon.”


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