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Mickey Mantle is A.L. Slugging King

Oct. 18, 1962 - Mickey Mantle, the hard-hitting New York Yankee center fielder, got only a double and 2 singles in 25 official times at bat during the World Series, but he is the American League slugging king. During the regular 1962 season, Mantle had 15 doubles, 1 triple, and 30 home runs among 121 hits in 377 official trips. This production enabled him to win his fourth league slugging title, finishing with a .605 average. Frank Robinson of the Cincinnati Reds captured his third consecutive National League crown with a .624 mark. Slugging averages are figured by dividing the total of bases accumulated on all hits by the number of official times at bat. Mantle also won the title in 1961 with .687. Robinson paced his circuit with .613 last year. The Yankee star’s other slugging titles were won in 1955 and 1956.


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