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Mets Top Yanks in First “Mayor’s Trophy Game”

June 20, 1963 - All things are relative. To the Yankees, the first “Mayor’s Trophy Game” was simply an exhibition game played for charity at Yankee Stadium tonight, but to the Mets it was pure World Series. So the 6-2 Met victory, cheered frantically by the Met fans who made up most of the 50,742 customers, was far more exciting to them than any of the real World Series triumphs that Yankee fans take almost for granted. Jay Hook, who pitched the first 5 frames, and Carlton Willey, who pitched the last 4; Jimmy Piersall, who started both Met scoring innings with hits; Tim Harkness, whose 2-run single put the Mets in command; Al Moran, the shortstop with the .194 batting average who got 2 doubles, and Charlie Neal, making brilliant plays at third — all these achieved at least a few months’ worth of immortality in the rapidly growing Met folklore.


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