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Mets Top Giants at Candlestick, 5-2, as Craig Shines

Aug. 8, 1962 - If Roger Craig (pictured during spring training) of the New York Mets doesn’t watch himself, he will never lose 25 games this year. At Candlestick Park today, he defeated the Giants, 5-2, and now has won all but 17 of his 24 decisions. In reversing their usual form, the Mets knocked off the second-place Giants with a display of raw power and precision fielding. In batting practice, Frank Thomas and Felix Mantilla had pointed to the left-field fence and said they felt good, they liked to hit in Candlestick, and it wouldn’t surprise them if they “unloaded.” In the Mets’ four-run fifth inning, Thomas and Mantilla stroked two-run homers. In addition, the infield of Felix Mantilla, Charlie Neal, Rod Kanehl, and Marv Throneberry clicked for five double plays. The short-to-second-to-first combination of Neal, Kanehl, and Marvelous Marv accounted for three of them. These acrobatics pulled Craig out of trouble in the sixth, seventh, and eighth and helped him snap the Giants’ winning streak at four.


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