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Mets Slaughtered by Dodgers, 17-3

July 14, 1962 - Playing the Dodgers at the Polo Grounds today, the Mets took a dreadful beating by a score of 17-3. It was their third loss in a row to Los Angeles. As more than one onlooker doubtless felt, Casey Stengel might have done better to loan his Met uniforms to some of the stars of yesteryear who entertained the crowd during the Old-Timers game that preceded the Mets’ latest fiasco. The Dodgers battered 5 of Stengel’s pitchers for 16 hits, including homers by Willie Davis, Maury Wills, and even Stan Williams, the pitcher. With the Giants again losing to the Phillies, the Dodgers increased their lead over San Francisco to two-and-a-half games. The Mets were flattened by eight runs in the second inning and six more in the sixth.


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