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Mets Shut Out Again by Koufax

July 12, 1962 - The New York Mets made a noble effort today to make some sort of impression on the National League pennant race. However, being more than 30 games out of it, they never came close to their target. The Dodgers, behind the effective pitching of Sandy Koufax (pictured) and Larry Sherry, shut them out, 3-0, in the opener of a 3-game series before 15,719 in the Polo Grounds. Thus, Walter Alston’s club maintained its place at the top, while Casey Stengel’s lads, struggling at the other end of the line, are now 32-and-a-half light years away. Not even the fact that Koufax developed a numbness in the index finger of his pitching hand and had to retire after seven innings proved of much help to the Mets. They appeared numb from the start. The Mets only got three hits off the ace left-hander and none at all in the last two innings off Sherry.


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