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Mets Place Gene Woodling on Waivers

Mar. 3, 1963 -The New York Mets decided today to dispense with the services of Gene Woodling (pictured right with Hank Bauer and Mickey Mantle in 1952). A club announcement said that “differences having arisen,” the Mets were asking waivers on the outfielder-coach “for the purpose of making Woodling a free agent.” The 40-year-old Woodling, who has played with six teams since 1943, placed his job in jeopardy by intervening in the club’s salary negotiations with Marv Throneberry. Woodling stepped in on Throneberry’s behalf when the Mets’ first baseman was unable to arrange a head-to-head salary talk with George Weiss, Mets president. Woodling exchanged heated words with the administrative assistant, Johnny Murphy, who was conducting the negotiations. “This guy Throneberry,” Woodling told Murphy, “is down here on his own money. The least Weiss can do is see him.” Throneberry later received his audience with Weiss in a parked car and signed his contract. Weiss followed this move by saying yesterday: “The whole situation with Woodling has become an intolerable mess.” Woodling first got into hot water with the Mets when it was reported he was seeking his unconditional release to sign with the Yankees as a coach. Woodling denied this. Finally, he signed with the Mets as a player-coach for about $35,000.


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