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Mets Pitcher Lectures Teammates on Glenn Spaceflight, Says Maris' 61 HR's More Impressive

Feb. 21, 1962 - A member of the American Rocket Society lectured briefly today to the New York Mets on propulsion, life on other planets, and the problems of re-entry. Then he went out and pitched batting practice. The thinking man’s pitcher was Jay Hook, a 6-foot-1-inch righty who has been working on his master’s degree in mechanical engineering and his earned-run average for the past three years. Hook, who graduated from Northwestern University, was plucked from the Reds this year in the expansion draft. Questioned today by a clutch of teammates on the relative achievements of Lieut. Col. John Herschel Glenn Jr. and Roger Eugene Maris, Hook, the rocket expert, declared: “I give it as my flannel-suited opinion that 61 home runs are a more impressive individual score than three orbits around the earth.”


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