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Mets Lose 117th Game

Sept. 25, 1962 - Casey Stengel’s Mets were beaten by Warren Spahn and the Braves today, 7-3. The defeat was the New Yorkers’ 117th of the year, a figure that tied the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics for the most setbacks incurred by a modern team in a single campaign. With four contests remaining, the Mets have an excellent opportunity to gain sole possession of that unenviable mark. When Jay Hook, the Mets’ starter, unleashed a wild pitch in the first inning while facing Henry Aaron, it raised the club total of wild pitches in a season to 71, beating the 1958 Los Angeles Dodgers’ record. Spahn posted his 17th victory of the season and the 326th of his career. The latter figure equals the highest for any left-hander in baseball history. Eddie Plank, who hurled for 17 years before he retired in 1917, also won 326.


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