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Mets Games To Be Televised in Color

Apr. 14, 1964 - Station WOR-TV will add color to the New York Mets this season. About $400,000 worth of color television equipment has been installed in Shea Stadium, the new home of the Mets, which opens Friday afternoon. All 81 home games and some road games of the Mets will be televised in color over Channel 9.

Orville Sather, chief engineer for WOR-TV, said a special type of lighting that permitted the best possible color reproduction had been installed in the stadium because of the night color broadcasts. In theory, the color quality at night should be no different from that during the day games, he said.

The station will have six color cameras at Shea Stadium — four for covering the field and two in a large studio underneath the stands. Three of the field cameras will be positioned in the press box behind home plate, first, and third base, and the other will be at ground level behind home plate.

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