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Mets Biggest Losers in Modern Baseball History

Sept. 26, 1962 - Shed another tear for the New York Mets, who bowed, 6-3, to the Braves tonight and wound up with exclusive rights to another unenviable record. Casey Stengel’s men suffered their 118th defeat. This negative statistic made the Mets the losingest baseball team in modern history. The Philadelphia Athletics of 1916 lost 117 games. Today’s game drew only 3,239 fans, the smallest night-game turnout since the Braves moved to Milwaukee. With Hank Aaron’s three-run homer off Roger Craig supplying the crusher in the third and the 23-year-old southpaw, Denny Lemaster, striking out 10 Mets, this was just another night in a long series of dismal nights for the first-year club. Craig, who departed for a pinch-hitter in the fourth, hung around long enough to absorb his 24th setback.

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