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Meredith To Return to Ole Miss

Jan. 30, 1963 - James Meredith (pictured) said today he would return to the University of Mississippi for the spring semester. The 29-year-old Negro, the first of his race to enroll in a white public educational institution in Mississippi under Federal court orders, will register tomorrow on the campus at Oxford. Classes begin Monday. Mr. Meredith said he had been informed by the university yesterday that he would be readmitted in “good standing” on the basis of his work last semester. He declared his intention to remain there until he graduates. In a news conference at the Negro Masonic Temple in Jackson, Miss., the student said there were indications that he could continue his work under “adequate, if not ideal, conditions.” He announced last December that he might leave unless an atmosphere more conducive to study were established. Dr. J.D. Williams, the university chancellor, warned last night: “We do not welcome to this campus any student whose intention is other than an educational one.” The chancellor’s statement was apparently directed at whites who reportedly planned to enroll for the purpose of fomenting further opposition to Mr. Meredith’s presence on the campus.


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