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Maury Wills Honored in Adopted Hometown of Spokane

Oct. 30, 1962 - Maury Wills, who signed a baseball contract out of high school 12 years ago on the strength of a powerful arm and swift legs, has returned to his adopted hometown of Spokane, Washington, with the major league base-stealing record. Today he was named the Spokane’s outstanding citizen. After receiving a standing ovation from the Chamber of Commerce, but before receiving the surprise award, Wills said: “I survived that lump on my hip for the last month of the season, so I guess I’ll survive this lump in my throat.” Wills played at Spokane before moving into the majors with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he now makes his permanent home in the Spokane Valley. He is a native of Washington, D.C., where his father is a minister. In his speech, the speedy shortstop said he had learned the art of positive thinking from Coach Pete Reiser during the long season that kept him bumped and bruised while stealing 104 bases. Wills said that one day he told Reiser he was so badly bruised and sore it even hurt him to think about sliding. “Get a good jump for a change, and steal standing up,” said Reiser.

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