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Massive Crowds Greet the President in Milwaukee

May 12, 1962 - Around 150,000 persons greeted the President this evening as he drove the 9 miles between Mitchell Airport and the center of the Milwaukee. At the intersection of South Fifth and Lincoln Streets, a man darted between two police motorcycles and tried to reach the President’s car. Three Secret Service men leaped from the running board of their following car. One of them seized the man by his windbreaker jacket, spun him around, and threw him to the ground. It was all over in a few seconds. The Secret Service men jumped back in their car and a uniformed city policeman took the man into custody. Later, the man was booked for drunkenness. At the station, he was reported to have said, “Well, I got a chance to talk to the President.” “What did he say?” an interrogator asked. “He said, ‘Go home and sober up,’” the man replied.

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