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Maryland Amusement Park Agrees to Integrate

July 19, 1963 - The owners of Gwynn Oak Amusement Park, located just outside Baltimore city limits and the scene of mass civil rights demonstrations earlier this month (pictured), agreed today to open the park to Negroes on August 28. In addition, the owners stated they would “make known” to the Baltimore county prosecutor their “wish that all charges against the demonstrators be dropped.” A day of telephone negotiations conducted by Spiro T. Agnew, Baltimore County Executive, led to the agreement. At 4 a.m. this morning, an 8-hour meeting of the Baltimore County Human Relations Commission broke up with civil rights leaders and park owners in agreement on the move. Protests at the amusement park have been suspended since July 7. Demonstrations on that day and on July 4 brought the arrest of 383 persons, including several prominent clergymen of the Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant faiths, on trespass charges.


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