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“Marvelous” Marv Throneberry Demoted

May 9, 1963 - Marvelous Marv Throneberry, who last year became a symbol of the New York Mets’ haplessness, was demoted today. The first baseman was optioned to Buffalo in the International League. All clubs in both leagues had to waive on him before he could be sent out. Throneberry seemed completely depressed and angry when informed of the news, and he said he is determined to fight his way back to the big club. Much publicized as a clownish type, Marv is actually a good power hitter with mediocre fielding skills. His good-natured response to the ribbing he took last year and his frequent delivery of important pinch hits endeared him to Met fans. “I may be back sooner than a lot of people think,” he said grimly, sitting in front of his locker and smoking a cigarette. “I’m going to leave my name up there above the locker.” Throneberry has been at bat 14 times this season and is batting .143. Manager Casey Stengel admitted he hated to let Throneberry go. “But you can’t have more than 25 players,” said the Ol’ Perfesser. “That other fella [Tim Harkness] is young, and he got me a couple of home runs. Maybe Throneberry can get a lot of home runs up there in Buffalo, and maybe I’ll be glad we still own him later on.”


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