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Marriage of Loren and Ponti Annulled

Sept. 3, 1962 - A judge in Juarez, Mexico, annulled the marriage of Sophia Loren and producer Carlo Ponti today, untangling a legal situation that had caused the couple to face a bigamy trial in Italy. The annulment was posted today by Judge Carlos Uranga Muñoz of the Third Civil Court. The pair were married Sept. 17, 1957, by proxy with two lawyers acting for them in Juarez. The bigamy charges were brought against the actress and Mr. Ponti because Italy does not recognize divorce. Mr. Ponti divorced his first wife in Mexico in 1954. Miss Loren had not been married. In Milan, Miss Loren said the annulment of her proxy marriage was “the loveliest news I have ever received.” She was reported to have given “a cry of joy” at the news. Mr. Ponti also showed “obvious satisfaction,” according to the Ansa news agency.


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