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Maris Talks to Press Again - in a Whisper

Sept. 16, 1961 - Roger Maris was not exactly jumping for joy in the Yankees' dressing room immediately following today's losing game at Tiger Stadium. But at least he was talking again. It was a change from last night and early today, when Maris was irate over what he described as bad national press and abusive fans in Detroit. The 27-year-old Maris, appearing tired and speaking in almost a whisper, said that today's 57th homer was hit off a Frank Lary fastball. He said the feeling that accompanied the drive, which traveled over 370 feet, slammed hard against the slanted roof 82 feet above the ground, and bounced back into the playing area, was no different from the feeling he had had 56 times previously this year. He was thankful that Al Kaline, the Tiger right fielder, had retrieved the ball and thrown it into the visiting team's dugout. "It was nice for Al to have done that," whispered an unsmiling Maris, "but I guess anyone would have done it."


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