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Maris Overweight, Still Unsigned

Feb. 8, 1962 - The 61 homers Roger Maris hit for the Yankees last season have brought him a lot of glory. They also have brought troubles. For one, Maris and the Yankees front office still haven’t agreed on salary terms. Also, Maris is overweight. Maris revealed today that despite his precautions, he has succumbed to the almost continuous round of dinners and social functions thrust on him since October. “I have gained about 10 pounds over the winter,” said Roger, who arrived at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., a few days ago with his family. Playing the banquet circuit can be rough on a ballplayer. It has thrown more than one star for a loss. There was Frank Shea who, after his brilliant pitching for the Yankees in 1947, was wined and dined throughout his native Connecticut. When he reported the following spring, Shea could barely fit through a door. “Okay,” said manager Bucky Harris to his players as they prepared for their first workout, “I’m giving you fellows your choice. You can run twice around the park, or you can run once around Shea.” Another victim was Don Larsen following his world series perfect game in 1956. Don won only 10 games in 1957.


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