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Maris in “Altogether Different Frame of Mind” This Year

Oct. 4, 1962 - Roger Maris may have heard the boos that greeted his every appearance at the plate today, but he gave no indication of it, nor did he mention it in the clubhouse following the Yankees’ 6-2 victory over the Giants. “Look,” the Yankee slugger said, “I feel fine. I’m happy. I have no hard feelings toward anybody. This is so different from last year, you have no idea.” Maris’s two hits, a two-run double and a single, together with a fine defensive play in right field, no doubt contributed to his good feeling. He it was much more than that, however. “I’m in an altogether different frame of mind than a year ago at this time,” he said. “Last year, the pressure was unbearable. I was beaten and tired after chasing Babe Ruth’s record all year. Now, I’m relaxed. Nobody expects me to do too much, which is fine with me. I like it better that way.” Roger batted .256 this season, finishing with 33 home runs and 100 runs batted it in. “I’ll take it any time,” said Maris.


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