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Maris and Yankees Settle on $70,000 for 1962

Feb. 26, 1962 - Roger Maris today settled for $70,000 as his 1962 salary with the Yankees. Then the man whose 61 home runs in 1961 topped Babe Ruth’s record of 60 in 1927 said he would settle for any number of home runs that fortune brought his way in 1962. “I can only swing and meet the ball, I can’t guide it,” said the 27-year-old Missourian whose leap to prominence figures to net him $200,000 from various commitments this year. “I’ll be thankful for anything I can get.” Although Maris failed to have his 1961 of $37,500 doubled, his $32,500 pay raise gives him the highest single-season increase in franchise history. Joe DiMaggio set the previous record when Dan Topping, president and co-owner of the Yankees, raised the Clipper’s salary $30,000 after the 1947 season. That brought DiMaggio’s paycheck to $75,000. It went to $100,000 before DiMaggio retired in 1951 as the highest-paid player in Yankee history. Babe Ruth’s top figure was $80,000. Mickey Mantle signed for $85,000 this year. Maris is not doing too badly, considering that he is entering only his third season with the Yanks. He drew $18,000 with the Athletics in 1959. The Yanks lifted this to $27,500 in 1960 and to $37,500 last year.


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