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Marilyn Monroe Fired from "Something's Got to Give"

June 8, 1962 - Marilyn Monroe was dismissed today by the head of the 20th Century-Fox studio from a movie she is making for the company. The film, “Something’s Got to Give,” was already far behind schedule. Peter G. Levathes, executive vice president in charge of operations at the studio, said that Miss Monroe had been absent repeatedly from the set without justification while it was being filmed. He charged the star with “breach of contract.” These absences, he declared, had caused losses for the company, and Fox was therefore dismissing her from the movie and “will take legal action” against the star. Later in the day, a suit was filed against Miss Monroe and her company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, in Superior Court, Los Angeles, for $500,000. Sources indicate that Lee Remick has been hired to replace Miss Monroe in the picture. Miss Monroe’s publicity agent said that the star had no comment on this latest development in her dispute with Fox.


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