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Marilyn Monroe Buried in Hollywood

Aug. 8, 1962 - A brief, simple service was held today for Marilyn Monroe at the Westwood Village Funeral Chapel in Hollywood. She was found dead in her home early Sunday morning. No stars were invited to the funeral, and the press was excluded. The best-known figure among the 25 persons in the chapel was Joe DiMaggio (pictured left with his son), the former baseball star, who was the second of Miss Monroe’s three husbands. He was the primary organizer of the funeral arrangements. The actress, as beautiful in death as in life, lay in an open bronze casket during the non-denominational service. Her body was attired in a green jersey dress and bore no jewelry or mementos. In her hand was a tiny bouquet of baby pink roses placed there by Mr. DiMaggio. Just before the coffin was closed, a grief-stricken Mr. DiMaggio bent over it, kissed Miss Monroe’s lips, and whispered, “I love you. I love you.” The famed Yankee Clipper did not recover his composure after chapel ceremonies. He wept openly as he followed her body to its crypt. When the crypt was closed, Mr. DiMaggio quickly brushed a hand across his eye. Then he walked alone across the lawn back to the office behind the funeral chapel.


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