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Marichal Happy for Himself — and Alvin Dark: “He Had Faith in Me”

June 15, 1963 - After pitching a no-hitter today against the Houston Colts, Juan Marichal of the San Francisco Giants said he hadn’t been nervous, but he realized he had a possible no-hitter going in the fifth inning. “Then when they [the Colts] started popping out so fast,” he said, “I just started pitching faster and faster. I had good control today but not really good stuff.” Marichal only threw 89 pitches in the game. He said he had been more excited when the Giants beat Los Angeles for the National League pennant in the playoff last fall. “That got us into the World Series,” said Marichal, “and you can’t get a bigger thrill than getting into your first World Series. But I feel great about today. I feel deeply happy. But also you have to be lucky to pitch nine innings without a hit.” Around him there was bedlam in the victorious Giant clubhouse. “The kid was great, wasn’t he?” said Willie McCovey, who made a fine running catch of the only hard hit ball by the Colts. Marichal was asked for his thoughts at the finish. “Well, I felt happy for [Giant manager] Alvin Dark,” was the unusual reply from the sincere Juan. “He had faith in me. He gave me what I wanted [salary when Marichal was a holdout]. So, I was anxious to repay him.” Almost as happy as Juan was catcher Ed Bailey. “His best? You can’t get much better,” said Ed. “He’s right — he did have better stuff in Los Angeles. But he had flawless control today and moved the ball around to perfection. He was fast to begin with but threw harder at the end.” Marichal’s no-hitter was the third in the majors this year. In addition to Sandy Koufax’s no-hitter against the Giants on May 11, Don Nottebart of the Colts pitched one against the Philadelphia Phillies May 17, although allowing one run.


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