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Mantle Promotes Billiards Business

Aug. 1, 1963 - Mickey Mantle (pictured with his wife Merlyn) dedicated his talents today to the pursuit of a professional athlete’s most rewarding pastime: the art of changing fame into fortune. At a news gathering honoring his affiliation with a soon-to-be-developed chain of pocket billiard centers, the New York Yankees’ injured center fielder moved smoothly among hors d’oeuvres and businessmen, posed for photographers, and managed to look only slightly self-conscious. “I think pocket billiards is something families are going to enjoy,” said Mickey. “I’m going to put one in my house and start practicing and get good.” The centers, which will come equipped with Mickey Mantle tables, chairs, and rugs and will display a color portrait of Mantle, will be operated on an individual franchise basis. Billiards of America, Inc., a Milwaukee-based outfit, will direct the operation. The company hopes to launch 240 centers in its first year and has a 5-year goal of 1,010 in all 50 states.


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