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Mantle on Home Run Chase: "I Can't Make It"

Sept. 14, 1961 - In the Yankees' dressing room after he had gone hitless in seven official at-bats in today's doubleheader with the White Sox - both games lost by the Bombers - Mickey Mantle was ready to toss in the towel in his quest of a home run record. "I can't make it, not even in 162 games," said Mickey, referring to the record 60 homers by Babe Ruth in the 154-game 1927 season. Roger Maris also failed to connect for any homers in the Yanks' three games in Chicago, but he did not appear as daunted. With 56 homers, he is one ahead of Ruth's pace. Mantle said he had no excuses. "I just didn't hit a ball good all day." Commissioner Ford Frick is holding out for 154 games as the span in which Maris and/or Mantle must hit 61 homers to be credited with a record. "You don't break the 100-meter record in the 100-yard dash," said Mr. Frick. "There'll be two records - the most home runs in a 162-game schedule and the most in a 154-game schedule."


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