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Mantle Hurt Again

Sept. 5, 1962 - Mickey Mantle’s latest misery, a strained muscle in his right side, will keep him out of tomorrow’s action against the Angels, but the Switcher will probably be back to work on Friday when the Yanks open a four-game set with the Red Sox. “Mantle is not seriously injured,” said Dr. Sidney Gaynor (pictured left with Mantle during the 1951 World Series), Yankees team physician today. “There is nothing wrong with his ribs. The trouble is below the rib cage, a strained muscle to be exact, and Mickey should be able to play Friday.” Mickey was at the stadium today and took a lengthy ulstrasonic therapy treatment. He hurt himself taking practice swings on Tuesday. It had been feared Mantle tore tissue from around his right rib cage. “I don’t know where they got that idea,” said Dr. Gaynor. “It’s nothing like that. Did you ever get a stitch in your side? Well, that’s what Mantle got. It is not serious.”


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