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Mantle Expected to Sign 1962 Contract for $85,000

Dec. 12, 1961 - The world champion Yankees may be faced with a record payroll that could go well over $700,000. But their salary troubles with one problem child could be over within a matter of a few hours. Mickey Mantle (pictured with Joe DiMaggio in 1951), generally recognized as the highest salaried player in the American League, is expected to sign his 1962 contract in the Yankee offices today for $85,000. That would make him the highest paid Bomber since Joe DiMaggio drew $100,000 about 10 years ago. Mantle’s salary last season was $72,500. Babe Ruth in his peak years drew only $80,000, but the late Bambino probably tops them all. The Babe drew his pay in the late 1920s, when the tax bite was a mere nibble compared with what it is today. As for Roger Maris, his salary for the past season was $37,000. It is understood he will demand double that, perhaps more.

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