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Manager Alston: Dodgers’ Success in ’63 Depends on Koufax

Feb. 24, 1963 - Manager Walter Alston labelled Sandy Koufax “our big concern” as the Los Angeles Dodgers began spring training in Vero Beach, Fla., today. “If Sandy is sound all year, we have the right to be optimistic,” said Alston. “I know that’s putting a lot of pressure on one man, but you can’t replace a man like Koufax.” Koufax had won 14 and lost 4 and apparently was on his way to a major league strikeout record in 1962 when the left-hander was sidelined in July by a circulatory ailment of the index finger of his pitching hand. General Manager Buzzie Bavasi, after conferring with physicians, is convinced that Sandy’s finger is normal again. Former Yankee Bill Skowron has accepted a contract estimated at $30,000, leaving only Frank Howard unsigned. Howard and Bavasi are said to be near an agreement.


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