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Mamie Van Doren Speaks Out on Belinsky

June 24, 1963 - Actress Mamie Van Doren (pictured with her son Perry), jilted by southpaw pitcher Bo Belinsky, said today her ex-fiancé “should have been in there pitching, and I mean baseballs.” “If he was working,” said Mamie, “he wouldn’t be worried about what I’m doing.” Belinsky has been placed on the disqualified list by the Los Angeles Angels for refusing to report to the club’s Hawaii team. His record this year is a disastrous 1-7, far off the pace he set last year when he threw a no-hitter. The blond Miss Van Doren is appearing this week in “Silk Stockings” at the Camden County Music Fair in New Jersey. “I was very upset about the whole thing,” she said today. “But he announced the engagement in the first place, and so he says he is breaking it. Unfortunately, Mr. Belinsky was given some false information. He thought I was dating while on tour with the show, and it just wasn’t true. It was so petty, so simple, but he was hurt.”


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