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Mamie Eisenhower Revisits White House

June 22, 1962 - Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower came back to the White House today and saw for herself that her successor had been moving things around. Mrs. Eisenhower and Mrs. Kennedy had tea and discussed plans for the proposed National Cultural Center, of which they are honorary co-chairmen. The two women were joined for tea by Mrs. Kennedy’s mother, Mrs. Janet Auchincloss of McLean, Va.; Robert Montgomery, the actor, and other leaders of the cultural center project. This was Mrs. Eisenhower’s first White House visit in a year and a day. She and former President Eisenhower had lunch with the Kennedys last June 21. Since then, most of the official rooms have been completely redone. During the 35-minute tea, President Kennedy dropped by to say hello. Caroline Kennedy, his 4-year-old daughter, showed up as well to greet her grandmother, Mrs. Auchincloss.

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