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Malcolm X May Be Replaced at Harlem Mosque

Dec. 5, 1963 - Malcolm X may soon be replaced as the minister of New York’s Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7, sources close to the Black Muslim movement in New York said today. The sources, who have been in close contact with many key members of the mosque, said that Malcolm’s successor had already been chosen by Elijah Muhammad, head of the Nation of Islam. The choice was a well-guarded secret, but three prospects have been mentioned: Akbar Muhammad, the youngest son of the ruler; Lonnie X, minister of the Washington mosque; and Jeremiah X, minister of the Birmingham mosque. The sources indicated that the general feeling was that Malcolm had become “so powerful” that he had emerged as a “personality” rather than as a spokesman for the movement. Malcolm was suspended for mocking the assassination of President Kennedy in a speech last Sunday. Told of reports of his pending removal, Malcolm said today: “I know of no such rumors. I am the minister of the mosque, and I shall be carrying out my responsibilities for the mosque, whatever they may entail. I will just exclude speaking engagements.” The Black Muslims are dedicated to the establishment of a separate Negro state or territory on this continent, or elsewhere.


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