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Malcolm X Leaves for Cairo

July 9, 1964 - Malcolm X left for Cairo today to ask the heads of 33 independent African nations to take the question of the treatment of Negroes in the United States to the United Nations.

The Black Nationalist leader said he would be an observer at a meeting in Cairo next week of the heads of the nations belonging to the Organization of African Unity. He said he would devote his time to intensive lobbying to mobilize African pressure on the United States Government.

Malcolm said he would stop over in London to confer with Muslim ministers of Commonwealth governments attending the Commonwealth conference.

Before returning to the United States, Malcolm plans to make another pilgrimage to Mecca, the second within three months. Although he would not comment on the second pilgrimage, it was believed that he was seeking official Muslim religious support in his quarrel with Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Chicago-based Black Muslims.

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