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Malcolm X Describes African Trip

May 12, 1964 - Malcolm X, the Black Nationalist leader, said today in Accra, Ghana, that everywhere he had been in Africa he “felt more at home than I have ever felt in America.”

Malcolm, who left the United States about a month ago to visit Mecca and Africa, arrived in Ghana last night from Nigeria. He has also been to East Africa.

He said at a press conference today that African nations should not restrict themselves to “pointing a finger” at South Africa in the United Nations, but should take up American racial segregation at the world organization.

What is going on in the United States, he said, is worse than what is going on in South Africa.

He said the American system “perpetuates the enslavement of the Negro.”

Malcolm said the essence of his trip to Africa was to establish communications and good relations between “the Africans at home and the Africans in America.”

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