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Major Shakeups in 1964-65 T.V. Schedule

Jan. 28, 1964 - At least 32 new television shows are planned for next fall by the three networks, and about 28 current attractions, including many with major stars, are being dropped at the end of this season. Every evening lineup is being changed with one exception — NBC’s Friday schedule.

Some of the old favorites not listed for next season are “The Garry Moore Show” on CBS, Mitch Miller’s “Sing Along,” and “The Joey Bishop Show” on NBC, and “Hootenanny” on ABC. “The Jimmy Dean Show” and “The New Phil Silvers Show,” ABC and CBS respectively, are not scheduled for renewal. Neither is “East Side/West Side” on CBS. NBC’s “Eleventh Hour” and ABC’s “Breaking Point,” dramas about psychiatry, will be canceled, thus leaving “Dr. Kildare” and “Ben Casey” to carry on in medicine.

CBS announced that “The Ed Sullivan Show” would be expanded a half-hour, beginning April 5, and televised on Sunday from 8 to 9:30 p.m. This is the new CBS strategy to combat NBC’s highly rated “Bonanza,” televised from 9 to 10 on Sundays. A comedy show starring Alan King will be presented by CBS from 9:30 to 10. Among the new one-hour shows for CBS are “Lawmaker” on Monday, “Tarzan” on Thursday, “Mr. Broadway” and “The Reporter” on Friday, and “The Entertainers” on Saturday.

There is a possibility that “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour,” which CBS is dropping, will find its way to NBC on Fridays from 10 to 11 p.m. Jack Paar, who now fills that hour, has said he will not return next season. Jack Benny, who also moves over to NBC, will be scheduled at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, the same time his show is presented now by CBS. It is uncertain whether “Grindl,” starring Imogene Coca, will continue on NBC on Sunday at 8:30. A possible replacement may be “The Paul Lynde Show,” a comedy.

Other newcomers to NBC are “90 Bristol Court,” “Solo,” “The 13th Gate,” “Flipper,” “Mr. Magoo,” “The Rogues,” and “Kentucky’s Kid,” starring Dennis Weaver, the Chester of “Gunsmoke.”

ABC, which this season introduced 14 programs, plans a completely new Sunday night lineup. It is also making a major innovation — presenting two installments of the same program within a week. “Peyton Place” will be seen on Tuesday and Thursday and might qualify as the first nighttime serial. Another arrival at ABC is Elizabeth Montgomery (pictured) in “Bewitched,” a fantasy comedy.


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