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Main Points of President Kennedy's Press Conference

Feb. 14, 1962 - Following are main points of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Summit — He said he would attend a heads-of-government meeting with Soviet Premier Khrushchev on disarmament if negotiations on a lower level showed some progress toward an effective agreement.

Powers — Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 pilot, is “cooperating voluntarily” with questioning by Government officials and would be permitted to testify before Congressional committees after the “important interviews” were concluded.

Vietnam — He brushed aside criticism that he had been less than candid on the extent of U.S. participation in the fighting in Vietnam. He said no combat troops in the usual sense of the word had been sent there, but he said the U.S. “training missions” had been ordered to fire back if fired upon.

Automation — The “major domestic challenge” in the 1960s, he said, is to find jobs for those who are displaced by machines and for those coming into the labor market.

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