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Maidenform Continues “Dream” Ad Campaign

Aug. 7, 1962 - Maidenform, Inc., apparently has not run out of dreams. The company will celebrate its 40th birthday this fall with a new series of “dream” ads, including full-color placements in 16 national magazines. “I dreamed I was tickled pink,” one insertion will be headlined. It will show a sequined circus girl standing in front of a pink elephant. “I dreamed I barged down the Nile in my Maidenform Bra,” another ad will proclaim. It will show a Cleopatra-like figure attired, naturally enough, in a bra. Maidenform has been placing its “dream” ads for 13 years, and during that time they have become something of a landmark in advertising. The first “dream” ad showed a girl shopping in a bra and skirt and was headlined: “I dreamed I went shopping in my Maidenform Bra.”


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