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Mahalia Jackson Raises Funds for Civil Rights Drive

May 20, 1963 - Mahalia Jackson, the Gospel singer, hopes to raise $40,000 next Monday for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Miss Jackson said she expected to raise the money with a one-night benefit show she is staging in the Arie Crown Theatre in New York, which holds 5,029 persons. Miss Jackson, who gave up all engagements during May to produce the show, is arranging things from her house on Chicago’s South Side. Miss Jackson will introduce at the show a new song she has written called “Freedom Today.” She said she hoped to have Dick Gregory, the comedian, and Al Hibbler, Eartha Kitt, and Dinah Washington, singers, on the program. On Sundays, Miss Jackson has been visiting South Side churches to sell tickets and tell buyers: “It is not enough to sit up and look sad. If you want to be free, help yourself to be free.”


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