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Madison Square Garden Hosts Anti-Communist Crusade

June 29, 1962 - Eight thousand supporters of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade rallied in Madison Square Garden last night as two hundred pickets marched outside in protest. Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, the Australian physician and Baptist lay preacher whose Crusade has won at least 100,000 followers in the U.S. since 1953, told the crowd that the Communists would take over this country from inside in less than 20 years unless their timetable was upset. Dr. Schwarz said that if the Communists gained control of this country, they would kill most of the middle class. He said that the Communists “believe sincerely” that the middle class is useless in a Communist society. He declared that Hitler had been “just as sincere” that there was no place for Jews in a Nazi world, and he added that the results of such a comparison were obvious. “The only difference, if the Communists take over here, is that it won’t be genocide, it will be classicide.” Dr. Schwarz said that the Communists did not want a nuclear war, and that by co-existence they meant a warless period in which they could gain their ends through “encirclement and demoralization.” He said what was needed was “a grass-roots awareness” by all Americans of Communist aims.


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