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Madame Nhu Points Finger at U.S. Government

Nov. 2, 1963 - In Beverly Hills, Calif., today, Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu bitterly accused the U.S. Government of inciting and backing the military revolt in South Vietnam. Uncertain whether her husband, the brother of South Vietnam’s President, was alive or dead, Madame Nhu was angry and distracted during her first appearance since receiving news of the uprising in Saigon. She met reporters as she left her hotel for an All-Saints Day noon mass at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Madame Nhu began calmly by observing that “it was not the first time” the American Government had tried to overthrow President Diem, her brother-in-law. She became more agitated when asked whether the U.S. had played a role in the coup. “Definitely,” she replied. “No coup can erupt without American incitement and backing.” Asked whether she might seek political asylum in the U.S., Madame Nhu replied, “Never!” She added, “I cannot stay in a country with people who have stabbed my Government.” “I believe that all the devils of hell are against us,” she said before being escorted to a limousine. “But we shall triumph.” She did not explain what she meant by triumph, but presumably she was alluding to the fight against the Communists.


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