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Madame Nhu Has Surprise Meeting with Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Sept. 13, 1963 - Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, who has accused President Kennedy of appeasing U.S. politicians in his policies toward South Vietnam, had a surprise meeting at lunch today with Senator Edward M. Kennedy and “discussed at length her side of the picture,” the President’s brother said. Since she arrived in Belgrade this week, Madame Nhu has accused President Kennedy of appeasement and of being misinformed about the Ngo family’s actions against South Vietnam’s Buddhist leadership. Twelve Americans from both political parties are in Belgrade for a conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Today’s meeting was a surprise. American sources said that U.S. legislators in Belgrade — more than a dozen from both parties — “do not seem to want to make contact with Madame Nhu.” But Rep. Katharine St. George (R-N.Y.) brought together Senator Kennedy and the controversial lady from Saigon. “She wanted to talk to me,” Senator Kennedy said. “She wants to talk to anyone and everybody.” “She’s quite a gal,” Rep. St. George said. “She did not stop talking from one minute to the other. She described conditions in her country. She told us we were misinformed. She blamed the press.” Madame Nhu spent 90 minutes with Senator Kennedy, who took notes during the almost completely one-sided conversation.


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