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Lynda Bird Johnson Transferring from U. of Texas to George Washington U.

Jan. 19, 1964 - President Johnson’s 19-year-old daughter, Lynda Bird (center), has enrolled for the spring term at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., with her roommate from the University of Texas. A White House spokesman said today that Lynda had invited her close friend, Warrie Lynn Smith (left) of San Antonio, to live at the White House while attending the school. The two girls are sophomores and will be starting classes on Feb. 3. A spokesman said the First Lady, Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson, felt that some of the happiest friendships of a lifetime were made in college years. Mrs. Johnson believes that her daughter should have the benefit of her friendship with Warrie Lynn while also lending a hand to Mrs. Johnson in her role as First Lady.

Warrie Lynn, also 19, has been Lynda’s roommate for a year and a half at the University of Texas in Austin, where both are members of Zeta Tau Alpha, a social sorority. Lynda Bird has been majoring in history and will continue in that field at George Washington, which is situated a few blocks west of the White House. The decision for Lynda to return to Washington had been under discussion since Mr. Johnson became President two months ago. Although she seemed to want to remain in Texas, the family overruled her. Several members of Presidential families have attended George Washington University. Margaret Truman went there while her father, Harry S. Truman, was Vice President and later President. She was later graduated from the school. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy is also a graduate.


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