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Luis Aparicio Speaks Out on His Hot Start

June 4, 1964 - Base-stealing champion Luis Aparicio (pictured) of Baltimore is working on a “double steal” for the Orioles in 1964.

1.) Luis ranks Baltimore stronger than the pennant-winning White Sox he played with in 1959 and sees bright pennant hopes.

2.) With 27 stolen bases already, Luis sees a new peak, eclipsing his record 56 of 1959.

“This is the best start I’ve ever had,” said Aparicio today. “I think I can beat my mark of 56 all right — if I stay healthy.”

How about Maury Wills’ 104?

“I don’t know about that,” Luis replied. “I haven’t given that much thought. It’s still a long way to go.”

The fleet Orioles shortstop had 13 hits in 26 trips and five steals in the first six games of the current Oriole road trip. He has hit safely in 22 of 24 games since May 10, boosting his batting average to .290.

Aparicio places the Orioles, who play the Twins tomorrow night in Minnesota, above the 1959 Go-Go White Sox “because Baltimore is a better hitting club this year than the White Sox of ’59. We’ve got the same good pitching and fielding of the White Sox champions.

“Remember, we had a great bullpen with Turk Lown and Gerry Staley on that Chicago club, and we’ve got even more pitching and bullpen with the Orioles. This club has Stu Miller, Dick Hall, Wes Stock, and Harvey Haddix — guys who can come on in relief and do the job.”

Baltimore has won 21 of its last 27 games to take the A.L. lead, and manager Hank Bauer thinks the Orioles will avert their famous “June swoon” of 1963, when they gave up first place. “We’ve got better depth,” said Hank.

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