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Luella Hennessey to Provide Full-Time Care to Ambassador Kennedy

June 15, 1962 - At President Kennedy’s request, Miss Luella Hennessey (pictured left in December 1960) has resigned her Walpole, Mass., nursing job to provide full-time care for the President’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy. The elder Kennedy is convalescing at a New York rehabilitation center after a stroke. Miss Hennessey, the Kennedy family’s private nurse for more than 24 years, has assisted at the delivery of 18 of the 19 Kennedy babies. Because of a virus, she missed the arrival in 1958 of Christopher Lawford, first born of Patricia, the President’s sister, and actorPeter Lawford. When the elder Kennedy was Ambassador to Britain in the 1930s, Miss Hennessey went along as family nurse.


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