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Los Angeles Angels Begin Spring Training in Palm Springs

Feb. 12, 1963 - Spring came early today to Palm Springs, California, as the first flight of Angels descended from Los Angeles. Manager Bill Rigney inspected his 23 pitchers and 5 catchers and promptly put them through a 2-hour workout. The Angels should again be a strong factor in the American League race in 1963. They finished a surprise third last year. “We have a lot of question marks on our pitching staff,” Rigney told newsmen. “That’s why we’re here early. Our main purpose is to find front-line help for our starting rotation. We must determine as soon as possible whether Bob Turley or Sam Jones can help Dean Chance (pictured), Ken McBride, Bo Belinsky, and Don Lee.” Initial workouts will be light. In fact, this week’s aches and pains may come mainly from bicycle riding. The Angels again are riding to and from the hotel — six miles round trip — under their own steam. Rigney found that cycling got his athletes’ legs into much better shape last spring. Whereas trainers reported 16 pulled-muscle cases in 1961, there was only one case in 1962 when the cycle-yourself program began.


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