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Lombardi and Sherman to Coach NFL Pro Bowl Jan. 13 at Los Angeles Coliseum

Dec. 22, 1962 - Vince Lombardi (right) of the Green Bay Packers and Allie Sherman (left) of the New York Giants, pro football’s winningest coaches, today accepted positions as head coaches of the West and East respectively for the NFL Pro Bowl game Jan. 13 in the Los Angeles Coliseum. It will be a rematch of their world championship meeting next Sunday at Yankee Stadium, and for the title game loser, a chance for a measure of revenge. This is the second time as head Pro Bowl coach for both Lombardi and Sherman. Lombardi, a physics teacher with a law degree, went to Green Bay from the Giants, where he was offensive backfield coach. The 49-year-old Packer coach and general manager coached the West to a 35-31 victory in the 1961 Pro Bowl.


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