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Lodge’s Name Entered in New Hampshire Presidential Primary

Jan. 16, 1964 - The name of Henry Cabot Lodge was entered today in the New Hampshire primary. Robert Mullen, coordinator of the Lodge for President Committee, announced that a nine-man slate of delegates has filed as “favorable to Lodge” in the Republican primary March 10. Slates for Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona and Governor Rockefeller of New York are already in existence. Lodge, who is Ambassador to South Vietnam, has denied that he is a candidate. His consent is not necessary, however, to run delegates “favorable” to his nomination. Mullen said that private polls by Lodge supporters indicated that their candidate exceeded in popularity the two other candidates combined. “We are not going after a mere ‘showing’ in New Hampshire,” he said. “We are going for victory.”

Lodge, a resident of Massachusetts, was the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate with Richard M. Nixon in 1960. In 1952, he was a leader in the draft-Eisenhower movement, and served as the general’s campaign manager that year. In the process, however, he lost his Senate seat to John F. Kennedy. Throughout most of the Eisenhower Administration, Lodge served as delegate to the U.N. President Kennedy named him Ambassador to South Vietnam last summer. The first important impetus to Lodge’s prospects as a candidate came from General Eisenhower in December when it was disclosed that the general had urged him to return to this country and make himself available for nomination. Lodge has told all inquirers, however, that “I have no intention of running for any office.”


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